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Beautiful Night

В рубрике: Тексты песен — 15.11.2012

Beautiful Night

Up here in the crows nest I am swimming through the breeze

One last memory from the sun as it is sinking by degrees

And high above the albatrosses, on the wing is light

And I will sing to her as she flies by

On this beautiful night

Ahead is the horizon, always changing, it stands fast

Far behind me are the desert islands, shipwrecks Of the past

And I have seen the cannons sounding in the early morning light

But I have left my battles for the day

On this beautiful night

Below me, all the sailors, they're on this journey too

And each of us must make our unknown way upon the blue

So tonight we cast our worries,
Float Jetsam on the tide

And we'll watch them echo far away

On this beautiful night

Flat earth may end

We may sail off the edge

And not be seen again

So I sing and hope my song will form

A rope of golden chords

So that I can rescue someone else

Should they fall overboard

Because some of us are pirates and some of us are damned

But all of us, need all of us to ever find the land

And though the passage of good hope may seem

Like a needles eye

We're floating on tranquility

On this Beautiful night

Up here in the crows nest

I am swimming through the breeze

One last memory from the sun


Beautiful Night

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