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On The Hood

В рубрике: Тексты песен — 05.07.2012

You know your my one and only right
And it's rainin outside
We can make love right here
Or we can take it to another level
We can stand in the rain
And make love on the hood of my car

[Verse 1:]
Sittin in my bedroom baby
It's feelin so good baby
But now I'm right here
I got an idea
I wana chase around and not be typical
Let's get up out of this bedroom
Cause tonight I want you to follow me
I'm never gona mislead you

You wana be drenched on the hood of a car baby
You wana have sex on the hood of a car baby
It so good on my car
On the hood of my car baby

[Verse 2:]
Trench coat underneath wearin nothin
Hood top
Might bin hot
Motor rubbin

Do like it now
Damn it look at me
When I give it to you girl you better look at me


[Verse 3:]
Heres a tip of advice if you don't give your girl right
She might end up in another niggers world sayin oooh
Baby don't stop you might be sayin oooh
Baby don't stop

I no girl that tha bedroom is perfect
Perfect for tha gangsta type lovin
But I got somethin else tonight
I want to do to you
There's one position I haven't have to worry
I swear it won't be so wrong I
Jus climb on the hood of me
Tha way your puttin it I can be a man

[Chorus x2]

So good, so good
Once ya give it 2 me
So good, so good
Once ya give it 2 me

[Verse 4:]
There ain't nothin but ready
That can hurt his girl
It jus a better way
We gona lay you down baby

To tha ladies in tha crowd
If you feel me
Would you scream out loud
Tell me what you need baby

This is to tha girls
Strictly for tha girls
This is to tha girls
All tha pretty girls

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