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Before The Storm

В рубрике: Тексты песен — 23.07.2012

(Live featuring Jonas Brothers)


M: I know this isn't what I wanted
I never thought it'd come this far
Just thinking back to where we started
and how we lost all that we are

N: We were young and times were easy
But I could see it's not the same
I'm standing here but you don't see me
I'd give it all for that to change

N: And I don't want to lose her
I don't wanna let her go

M: Standing out in the rain
Need to know if it's over
'cause I will leave you alone

Nick: Flooded with all this pain,
Knowing that i'll never hold her,
Like I did before the storm
M: Before the Storm

Nick: With every strike of lightning
Miley: Comes a memory that lasts

MN: Not a word is left unspoken,
as the thunder starts to crash

M: Maybe I should give up
I'm standing out in the rain,
I need to know if its over,
cause I will leave you alone.

N: Flooded with all this pain,
Knowing that i'll never hold her,
Like I did before the storm

M: Trying to keep the light from going in

MN: And the clouds from ripping out my broken heart.
We always say a heart is not whole without the one,
who gets you through the storm.

Standing out in the rain, knowing that it's really over
Please don't leave me alone, flooded with all this pain,
knowing that i'll never hold you, like I did before the storm

M: yeah

MN: Like a did before the storm

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