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Emerald City Sequence

В рубрике: Тексты песен — 21.06.2012


I want to be seen green
Wouldn't be caught dead, red
'Cause if you are seen green
It means you got mean bread

You've got to be seen green
To show that you're stuff's layed
If you're not seen green
You better be wearing jade

Oh, you've got to be seen green
Don't tell them your cupboard's bare
That you gave up one week's feed
To pay for your colored hair
Oh, oh, oh


I thought it over and green is dead
'Till I change my mind, the color is red


I wouldn't be seen green
Ooo! Oo! Oo! Ah! Ah!
I wouldn't be caught dead
And if I'm caught at all
Then catch me in dead, red
You've got to be dead red
You've got to be real hot
So throw away those green gems
And wear rubies on your yacht

You've got to be dead, red
You've got to have flash and flair
And if you're not seen red
Then you shouldn't be seen nowhere

How quickly fashion goes down the drain.
Last week when you all was wearin' pink
Already for me red was old.
The ultimate brick is gold.
That's the new color, children


Golden gold
Golden gold
Golden gold
Golden gold

You got to be seen gold
Watch out for the new kind
You got to have old gold
Like some from a gold mine

You got to be wearin' gold
The twenty four carat kind
And once you've shined it up
It should ought to make you blind, ah!

You got to be seen in gold
To show that you're super slick
It helps to pay tips and tolls
It's the ultimate yellow brick
It's the ultimate

Golden gold
Golden gold
Golden gold
Golden gold
Golden gold
Golden gold
Golden gold
Gold, gold, gold, gold

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