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She Was Hot

В рубрике: Тексты песен — 29.08.2012

New York was cold and damp
TV is just a blank
Looks like another dead end Sunday

What about an early night
Monday never feels so bright
Ooh the sheets feel cold and lonely

Who wants to brave the pouring rain
For a glass of French champagne?
Well grab a cab, grab a cap and baby, come right by

And she was hot - as she kissed my mouth
She was hot - as I wiped her brow
She was hot - she pinned me to the ground
She was quick - she knew her way around
She was hot - as she tore my clothes
She was hot - she had no place to go
She was hot - on a cold and rainy night

Detroit was smoky grey
Nothing like the good old days
Well I got a fever that I'm fighting

I don't need your company
Leave me in my misery
I can take the rebound just like lightning

And she was hot - in a 50's dress
She was hot - her lips were flashing red
I was lost - in her burning flesh
I was hot - I was dripping sweat
She was hot - in the Detroit snow
She was hot - she had no place to go
She was hot - on a cold and rainy night

And she was hot - and I had the blues
She was hot - honey, where were you?
If you were in my shoes
You would be excused
She was hot - you can never wait
She was hot - never hesitate
She was hot - on a cold and rainy night

I think I'm going off the rails
Riding down the pleasure trails
I was taking passion where you find it

Honey when you were young and fresh
And you need the touch of your flesh
Go take the treasure where you find it

And she was hot - in the melted snow
She was hot - in the molten glow
She was hot - she got it in the blood
She was hot - like the dam that bursts
She was black - she was strong and true
She was black - and her eyes were blue
She was lost - and she took a chance
At just a brief romance

Down the avenue into the lost bayou
Into the tall bamboo, back to the human zoo
I wish you all the best, I hope we meet again
On a cold Chicago night

She was hot
She was hot
She was hot hot hot
She was hot hot hot.........

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