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Oh No

В рубрике: Тексты песен — 15.10.2012

Let me set it straight
Cake like a heavy weight
Still gotta squad of crews
Moving that heavy weight

I'm past most of you lames
Brake fast off in the lane
You just ashamed cause you playin'
and im coaching the game

Hat cocked to the side
Wide birds flock to the guys
Ride that glock to ya side
Flyin' that hospital ride

I'm bout my money dumby
So we can take it there
All you need is 4, 5 n*ggas
So we can make it there

Take a pair
Imma go
Hard till a n*gga drop
Bigga chain
Hundred cars
Stars burstin' in the watch

I Put these bars in lines
I dun' scarred some minds
Great plus the baby face
Got the whores in line

But the difference is wit yours and mine
Im with a group of ten, Friend
Its the march of dimes
Cause im the lady lover
Crazy since the 80's
F*ck a nasty flow
Scrappy, No
Hate or love us baby brother

If rap was movin' packs
I'm servin' pounds now.
Yeah, you hot in ya hood
Im burnin' towns down.

My main purpose to surface
And switch the style round
The games turn to a circus
To many clowns now

So move with the pump
Grab your tools
Split your blunts
Cruise with the crews that will bruise
If they hit you up

See im the cake'o'holic
Tryn' get this paper brawlic
Trip is that listen this a rap man its Safe to call it

My weights up how I handle these beats
So wake up
I'm the man in these streets
Cause Wiz Khalifa got that
Fast to that slow flow
Cash gettin' mojo
Say ya rap
N*ggas play it back like Oh no
(Chorus x2)

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