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Song#1 «ORANGE»

В рубрике: Тексты песен — 12.07.2012

It’ls a dirty money track, Yeah,

Girls kick the flow!

Listen to me

All my girls get ready

We’ll make it easy

When I catch you picking me

You better get a chill

Boy you wanna take on me

Cuz I’lm your killing pill

Can’lt you see the way I move

My dress my flashy skin

Listen up you know I got

The place you’lve never been

Slow down

Boy you don’lt wanna let me down

You better stop you know what!

Oh! Don’lt call me funny bunny

I’lll blow your money money

I’lll get you to my bad ass

Spinning for you

Oh! I’lll make it easy honey

I’lll take your money yummy

I’lve got my bitches

Standing up next to me

So come and check it

So come and check it

So come and check it

My bad ass spinning for you (2x)

Watch out!

Keep on taking over you

It’ls kinda getting free

Baby boy you know I still

Got sexy freak in me

Gotta tease you nasty guy

So take it don’lt be shy

Put your cherry on my cake

And taste my cherry pie

Maybe I’lll take you

With me tonight

Maybe you’lll show me another way

And find a reason for me to stay

But something I must tell you!

Feel my vibration

Get it!

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