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Un Poquito

В рубрике: Тексты песен — 15.10.2012

Yeah, that's right
It's ya boy and Pitbull

All my dogs say
"Make money, money
Make money, money, money"
(Make money, money)
(Make money, money, money)

All my ladies say
"Take money money
Take money money money"
(Take money, money
(Take money, money, money")

Shawty, I love the way you shake it
'Cause you drop it and break it
Makin' a nigga wanna take it to the flo'
And I ain't trippin' on paper
Baby I wanted to make ya

So tell ya friends we can head to the mall
(Take off)
You know I got a pill, here it is
(Take off)
No reason keepin' on all your clothes
(Take off)

You know I'm gonna drive you crazy
Gettin' head on private plane right before I take off
I got a mean ol' swag, 'cause ya lead boy up
Tell 'em lean on that, tell me, baby
You ain't never seen on sash

Hundred gees all cash
In my Gucci duffel bag
Wednesday night

Catch me at shack
Spanish bitch
With me got these girls, all bad

Ay and I'm so good
Spend twenty thou'
And I ain't worried 'bout that

Move girl and make that culo go pop
Ay, make that culo go pop
Move girl and make that culo go pop
Ay, make that culo go pop

Say, "Dale, dale, dale, dale"
(Dale, dale, dale, dale)
Say, "Dale, dale, dale, dale"
(Dale, dale, dale, dale)

Can I get a date on Friday?
And if you're busy I wouldn't mind again
Saturday ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
Round up your girls
Let 'em know we on the way

I am what they wanna be
I'm always with a bad one
You need you a chico
You'll understand when you have one

Yung Berg, Pitbull, baby, it's official
We just wanna hit you
Where the Lord split you

Dale mami, Dale mami
You can find me
In the back of the club
With two mami's gettin loose

Ask about me if you doubt me
Once I hit 'em and lick 'em
They can't be without me

Mami yo te lo quiero seltodo
No ta preguro tel novio [?]

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