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В рубрике: Тексты песен — 10.10.2012

When I sit down and try to remember

What my home is like

I seem to be drifting in water

No land in sight

All my friends become nothing but names

In my old adress book

Oh yes, there was that funny little girl

Her love I took

Where is the place I do belong

That little spot where I was born

Where is the garden in my mind

It turns to stone

What do I know ?

When I walk the streets of london

I see a face I know

But I knew it on a different body

A long time ago

A back yard or a house on the corner

Bring back a time

Where I could say without a doubt

That this place is mine

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Fields Of The Brave

Fields Of The Brave

Sometimes I close my eyes And picture the plains I see Buffalo Bill and the Iroquois Riding again Open skies, fertile ground This was heaven on earth That they found We got what they gave By their God

Breaking Glass

Breaking Glass

Baby, I've been, breaking glass in your room again Listen Don't look at the carpet, I drew something awful on it See You're such a wonderful person But you got problems oh-oh-oh-oh I'll never touch you

Нам Лише Любов Потрібна

Нам Лише Любов Потрібна

Як би був я птах свобіден Що летить там, де захоче Всі би були авіяція Бо така ж то ситуація Хто то світом володіє Старі діди без надії Своїх дітей перестрашують Нуклєарною енергійов Поки другий світ існує Поки світом



I forgot what my father said I forgot what he said I forgot what my mother said As we layed on your bed A city full of flowers A city full of rain I got seven

Love’s Gonna Make It Alright

Love’s Gonna Make It Alright

Girl you had one of those days Seem like they been going around You are a long way from being where you want to be. When the world isn’t going your way Or ever

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