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В рубрике: Тексты песен — 17.07.2012

High up there

On the way to the train

See you looking at me

With a grin on your face

And your lips

They are following me

Wherever I hang around

Wont let me go anymore

And your teeth

They are laughing at me

In a arrogant way

Make me hate you so bad

And your eyes

Oh I just cant believe

How empty they are

What could you mean to me

You know you got my favourite bellybutton

You know you got my favourite

But one day

They will take you away

Put in place of your head

A new kind of cheese

And one day

There is nobody left

That will remember my dear

That you ever was here

You know you got my favourite bellybutton

You know you got my favourite

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Иезекииль 25:17 (prod. Ант) Господи, дай мне сил, укрепи веру, кто был последним тот станет первым Кто был последним, станет первым... [Бледный] Если кто-то решил, что ты опасен Или тебя просто можно использовать Небо становится железным,



Муз: А.Иванов Сл. Д.Рубин Дуэт с сыном Сашей Поезд ночной всё дальше от дома Стала для нас разлука судьбой. Сладкий мой котенок, Мальчик мой родной, Теплые ладони пахнут весной. Мне не уснуть, все мысли как



I'm being followed by a moonshadow Moonshadow, moonshadow Leaping and hopping on a moonshadow Moonshadow, moonshadow And if I ever lose my hands Lose my plough Lose my land Oh, if I ever lose my hands Oh, if



For whatever reason, I feel like I've been wanting you all my life You don't understand I'm so glad we're at the same place At the same time, it's over now I spotted you dancin' You

G.A.N.G Up (Grind And Never Give Up)

G.A.N.G Up (Grind And Never Give Up)

[Chorus:] I heard you walk to the kindle up, bitch you crazy Ride 'til I make a note, bitch don't lay this The motherfucking really want me to stop it You better make me,

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