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В рубрике: Тексты песен — 17.07.2012

High up there

On the way to the train

See you looking at me

With a grin on your face

And your lips

They are following me

Wherever I hang around

Wont let me go anymore

And your teeth

They are laughing at me

In a arrogant way

Make me hate you so bad

And your eyes

Oh I just cant believe

How empty they are

What could you mean to me

You know you got my favourite bellybutton

You know you got my favourite

But one day

They will take you away

Put in place of your head

A new kind of cheese

And one day

There is nobody left

That will remember my dear

That you ever was here

You know you got my favourite bellybutton

You know you got my favourite

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Это большой город сынок и правила игры понятны не сразу. Смотри не ошибись... ха-ха-ха. Витя и Максим: Мегаполис, мегаполис, Много медикс, много полис, Много DJ's, много MC's, А ты приехал с Екб, простой артист. Мегаполис, мегаполис, Много медикс,



І навіть якщо буде так погано Шо схочеш стати мухою і втікнути десь Далеко так шоби ніхто не дістав вже Далеко так аж буде видно кінець Приспів: А ми відкриєм свої парасолі Так високо, так високо,

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[Chad Jones] Yeah, yeah, yeah Don't hate, don't hate yeah [Hook: Chad Jones] Playa don't hate me, hate the game Cause you see me coming down up on your slab, swanging thangs Playa don't hate me,

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Keine Ahnung, was ich dir sagen soll, keine Ahnung und keinen Plan. Frag mich nicht nach jedem Unterschied, ob es Gut und ob es B?se gibt. Was Erfolg und was Versagen ist, wer die Regeln

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